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An Update

It’s January, and thankfully I’m still in remission. As cold as this winter has been (it was -14 one day) I’m still managing to navigate through each day with pretty much no pain or stiffness. I thank the fish oil caplets and turmeric I’m taking religiously for that. But even with all of this good news about my health, I can’t help but feel a little anxious. How long is this going to last?


Prolonged Illness

So in my last post I joked that my boyfriend and I have been passing the same cold back and forth for awhile. It’s not really something we should be joking about because it’s actually pretty serious, but we need to make light of the situation otherwise we’d both go crazy. Thankfully, Anthony is feeling better and has been okay all this week. I can’t say the same for me though.

I’ve been battling this cold for 3 weeks. I’m dealing with crazy coughing fits, chills, headaches, nausea, sneezing…you name it. It’s almost like a cold/flu hybrid. I’ve missed a week of school and work, spending my days in bed and only getting up when necessary. I’m going nuts here from being cooped up. I’m also going broke, because I’ve been spending time on Amazon to keep busy. All of my friends keep saying, “Why haven’t you gone to a doctor yet?! It’s not normal to be sick this long!” Well, for them maybe. For me, it’s not a rare occurrence to be so sick.

It’s not uncommon for a person with RA (or any autoimmune disease, for that matter) to be sick for long periods of time. The same cold that comes and goes for a healthy person in two days can last for months in a person with RA. My immune system is weaker than a normal person’s because it is too busy attacking the rest of my body. I also have to be careful about the kinds of cold medications I can take, because they could interact with my RA drugs.

I’m going to attempt to go to work/school tomorrow. I’m not coughing as much, though I am still congested. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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