Traveling with RA

A few weeks ago a friend and I decided to take a road trip to Massachusetts for the weekend. Our plan was to leave New Jersey early on Saturday morning, take a detour through Rhode Island, and be in MA by dinnertime.

We made it to Providence, RI by 11:30. Since we’re both nerds looking to apply to grad schools

A Harvard Building

A Harvard Building

this year, we stopped at Brown University, just to walk around the campus. Of course it was dead because the Spring semester was over, but you could still get a feel for the campus. We stopped at Julian’s Restaurant for lunch. I chose it because Rachel Ray recommended it on one of her many TV shows, and I trust her opinion (even though I don’t know anything about her off screen). Turns out the place is so popular, we didn’t get seated for 40 minutes. Worth the wait though. Next stop, Cambridge. I finally got to see Harvard!

The following day was spent walking the Freedom trail in Boston. It took us a few hours, but we managed to see a decent portion of it. It’s a good thing we started early in the morning, because by the time we got back to the car it was almost 90 degrees and we were drenched in

Old Granary Cemetery in Boston

Old Granary Cemetery in Boston

sweat. All I can say is thank the gods I wasn’t having a flare that day. Otherwise I would have never been able to walk the two miles. I won’t bore you with minor details (but I WILL tell you that I got to visit another old cemetery. I love old cemeteries!). On Monday we headed home, with a quick stop in Connecticut to visit Yale (I told you, nerds).

So now to the point of this entry. I don’t know about other RA sufferers, but sometimes the idea of traveling more than a few hours away from home absolutely terrifies me. I’ve been invited on multiple trips around the country, and each time I worry about the same things. What if I have a flare? What if I can’t keep up with my friends? What about my

Paul Revere's Home

Paul Revere’s Home

medication routine? Would that be disrupted? Would I be too tired to enjoy myself? I’ve scared myself out of taking weekend flights to San Francisco and LA because of this.

I ask enough “what if” questions to drive myself nuts sometimes. Most of them are purely irrational fears. So I wonder…does anyone else think like this? Or am I just psychotic?


All photos are my own.


2 responses to “Traveling with RA

  • gabrielablandy

    Sounds like a wonderful trip! I too have a big interest in cemeteries. I was recently on a trip in Geneva and I got to visit the grave of someone I had been researching for a short story and it felt amazing to stand at his grave!! As for your ‘what if’ fears I think everyone has them. I’m not an RA sufferer, but my ‘what if’ is always about some too high level of expectation I have on myself. This is a hang-up from being a child and having parents who expected me to do very well. I’ve come to learn that the ‘what ifs’ have no power to change reality. Whatever we fear in the future won’t change it. The best chance of happiness we have is to remember, as much as we can, to observe everything going on around us right now – so we don’t miss what is being offered to us. Happy days, Alyssa 😉

    • apierce

      That had to have been a crazy experience! I’ve actually taken old names from grave stones to use for characters, but I’ve never researched anyone specifically.

      And I agree…everyone fears the unknown. And I too always put a lot of pressure on myself to hit certain expectations. And then I got sick and couldn’t be superwoman anymore. So I guess the two fears overlap for me, which made it harder to cope in the beginning. It’s a learning process.

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