This semester i…

This semester is kicking my butt. Hence why I haven’t posted anything lately. Well for starters, I might as well tell you that I have a new boyfriend. We’ve only been officially together for a week and a half, but he’s a really sweet and amazing guy. When I first started talking to him, I was so worried about what he might think of me when I told him I had RA. When one of our conversations veered into the topic of health, I took my chances and told him. I guess it’s obvious how that conversation went, since we are together now, but it turns out he has a disability too! He has cerebral palsy, which affects his speech. He was also born with HIV. I guess you can say that in some strange, twisted way, our illnesses have brought us closer together. We joke about our compromised immune systems. Right now we are both battling the same cold, courtesy of my sister.

Anyway, I went to my Rheumy last Friday. I’ve been in a lot of pain lately, and it turns out it is because my inflammation levels have jumped from 1.8 to 13.4. Other than that, everything else came back normal in my blood test results. My doctor isn’t going to change my medication, even though my hands were visibly swollen and I was stiff and achy. He said he wants to give me time and see if my body can heal itself, since I’m still young. Plus, he said he doesn’t want to exhaust all of my medication options too soon, since there are only a handful of RA drugs. So, I will remain on Plaquenil and Celebrex until further notice.

Other than that? I’m still the crazy chick working 4 part time jobs, an internship, and going to school full time. When something else interesting happens to me, I’ll let you know.


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